IT'S a simple set-up - a man, some soapy water, and a collection of increasingly impressive bubbles - but it works brilliantly.

The Amazing Bubble Man - also known as Louis Pearl- and his assistant take to the stage in silence, pulling poses until the crowd reacts with applause, and for 60 minutes, keep them clapping with fun and fascinating displays.

From tiny bubbles through a straw, to slightly larger ones from a spoon, he graduates up to scrubbing brushes and other household objects to send out bubbles across the crowd.

Part of the show includes filling bubbles with smaller bubbles and even smoke, which looks incredible, and using a huge loop of string, made a bubble travel along the taut string, playing with gravity and physics to make the bubble travel upwards.

Children are brought onto the stage to take part, to be placed inside or kiss giant bubbles to show how much they love them, leading to kids chasing bubbles around the stage.

It's educational too, with Pearl explaining the science behind the bubbles and the reasons behind the colours seen in the soap, and there's fun too with adults and kids being sprayed with water to clean up afterwards.

Brilliantly, among the items he uses to perform the show, is a Croc shoe to create dozens of bubbles through the rubbery footwear, which gets a big reaction from the audience, as does a square bubble, which wows the crowd.

Light, colourful, fascinating and hugely enjoyable for all ages, best catch The Amazing Bubble Man before the bubble bursts.

Daily until Sunday, July 30. Tickets at or 01904 500600.