Review: Great Yorkshire Fringe, George Egg DIY Chef, The Shed, York, July 26

LIVE cooking involving a plumber's blowtorch, a massive drill and other power tools. delivered by a comedian who boasts he doesn't have liability insurance - what could possibly go wrong?

Actually nothing ended in disaster in this belter of a performance by DIY chef George Egg who cooked up a barrel of laughs with tips on how to prepare three meals using tools found in sheds and offices. If Saturday Morning Kitchen was this creative with its use of gadgets I'd start watching it again.

George has been advised by his doctor to keep out of the kitchen. But our resourceful chef won't be beaten and innovates by repurposing the tools in his shed - yes a whisk can be attached to a drill to make mayonnaise, but it is easier to steal some sachets from a café.

First up is an egg poached in a zip bag alongside a kipper beneath a wallpaper steamer on a tray, whilst croutons are oiled and crisped with a heat gun.

With breakfast over, lunch gets underway by cutting fresh pasta into spaghetti in the paper shredder (if you want orzo use the cross-cut shredder) then cook in a flask of hot water before straining through a wire pen holder.

Dinner is dramatic with steak blow-torched on a garden spade. Position the flames further away for rare or medium, but hold closer if you are working class.

My favourite of the continuous gags was a tip on what to do if you don't fancy cooking. George's advice is to drive around and find a Deliveroo cyclist, which should only take a few seconds. Knock him down and grab the takeaway meal.

"Did you know that by the year 2030, one in three people will be working for Deliveroo? We need to start culling them now."

This show is brilliantly absurd with tips you could adapt at a picnic. It's at the Edinburgh Fringe for August where his previous shows sold out and won awards.