The Burning Duck Comedy Club started only a few months ago, but already has drawn in quite the crowd - and no wonder: their selection of alternative comedy is a delight.

Located upstairs in the delightfully rickety Black Swan pub, it’s a perfect setting for something a little different from the mainstream circuit.

Jed Salisbury compered the night, conducting the evening with a mean streak of humour directed at the audience. Jack Gleadow brought a touch of cheeky humour, claiming his illegitimate Chuckle Brothers heritage and also introducing the audience to a brand of magical comedy.

Liam Cook’s sponsorship skit was a perfectly timed segment of the show. Gina Jenkinson and Rob Mulholland both had some darker material, but both delivered their set perfectly. Jenkinson’s demanding persona stood out in the show, as did her excellently uncomfortable honest humour. Mulholland’s tirade about rescue cats had the audience bursting into spontaneous applause.

The headline act was Foxdog Studios, hailed as an IT Crowd-meets-Flight of the Conchords combination of musical and technical comedy duo.

Teaching the audience about portable appliance testing and peddling their musical shirts, the two “IT consultants from the future” provided experimental and excellently original fun.

With several interactive games (which may be lost on any audience members without an android phone) and a Meatloaf and Cher tribute act unlike any other, they provided the technical expertise with “Tenacious D-esque” rocker flair. They’re definitely a duo to watch in the year to come.

- Louise Jones