COMEDIAN Rosie Wilby is looking back to her student days in York in her latest show and would like some help.

Rosie graduated from the University of York in 1992 and her latest multimedia show, Nineties Woman, looks back at her time spent being a part of Matrix, the university women’s newspaper established in 1990. And she is desperate to find copies of the publication.

Matrix boasted a DIY-like layout style and featured cartoons and art alongside articles. It was mostly distributed on campus but also at outlets such as York Women’s Centre and York Cycleworks.

Rosie has filmed video interviews with original members of the collective after tracking them down on social media.

It’s been really fascinating to catch up again with some of these really inspiring women,” she said. “One or two are still in journalism, but we also have an academic and science fiction author, a clinical embryologist, an internationally touring playwright/poet, a former barrister now running a successful vintage hair company doing hair for films and more.”

But she can’t find back copies of the magazine anywhere.

“The trouble is we can’t trace what happened to Matrix after 1992 when I graduated,” she says. “We’ve contacted all of the feminist archives, the university library, the Borthwick Institute, the women’s centre, the Students’ Union and more and, even though I have anecdotal evidence that Matrix lasted for about a decade, we can’t actually find any copies.

“We would love to know how it evolved as feminism evolved and speak to any of the women who were writing for and putting Matrix together in the later 1990s.”

Anyone who has information should contact Rosie via the contact page at

The show Nineties Woman premiered in Birmingham in March and will appear in York early next year. Rosie also hopes to make a full length documentary about Matrix.