A new year, and a lot to come.  

Happy New Year to everyone reading this, 2023 is over and 2024 has just begun. This year has a lot to come with sports, movies, new renovations, and a leap year.  

A big event to come this year is that there will be an extra day added to February's normal 28 days (about 4 weeks), this is the first leap year to happen since 2020, and the next one is scheduled for 2028. So, all the leap babies this year celebrate on the 29th of February.  

If you love the Olympics and the Paralympic games, well get ready for the 25th of July- 11th of August. As the Olympics are back. This year it is being held in Paris, France. It will include 329 events, 206 National Olympic committees, 28 sports plus 4 additional sports, and 10,500 athletes. This Is quite big for France as it is the biggest event to be planned and organized in France.  

Now if you live more locally, Grimsby has a lot to offer in 2024 to improve the town of the town. As many people know Freshney Place Shopping Centre is taking a whole 30 million makeover, with things such as including a new cinema and new market hall. However, even though permission was granted last February, and construction is planned to start this year the project is not due for completion till next year in 2025. This is an extremely exciting project and I think it will bring a lot of attraction to Grimsby.  

‘I’m very excited to see the completion of the new shopping Centre, especially the cinema’- Claire Paterson.  

Another big development in Grimsby is the reopening of the corporation Road Bridge. The bridge down Corporation Road has been closed since last February, to have a 5 million project. There was a slight delay to the project as it was supposed to open before Christmas but due to much worse deterioration than they had expected, however, on the bright side, the bridge should be reopening in the first half of 2024.  

I hope everyone had a good new year and let us look forward to the rest of the year.