Over a generation of children in Swanland have being going to ‘Santa on the pond’. It is an event that involves Father Christmas rowing a boat across Swanland pond. He waves to the children, alongside one of his helpful elves from the North Pole. As well as this, there are also stalls with treats and games for everyone to enjoy. When Father Christmas reaches the end of the pond, he is able to greet whoever wishes to see him.

The community is brought together during this festive holiday, and are filled with hope and excitement, not just for Christmas but for the New Year and whatever is to come next. People who experience this aren’t the only ones who feel joy. If you donate even a small amount of money, the two local charities of Swanland will be grateful for your generosity. Those two wonderful charities are CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) in memory of Jamie Loncaster, and Godfrey Robinson home for the disabled. This year, they raised £378.84. The idea of giving away also reinforces the key message of Christmas and showing love without taking anything for granted.

Georgina Freeman, a mother of one, thought that “it was a great experience for the children; however, I do think 7pm is a little late for the young children”. Therefore, some parents think that ‘Santa on the pond’ should be earlier since it is aimed towards the younger audience. Parents possibly would prefer for there to be an earlier session for them, and then a later one for the older children. Either way it is a magical moment for all children.