SHED Seven's Rick Witter has spoken about spirituality and the power of music for a Lancashire vicar's podcast.

The 90s indie legend from York, who rose to fame as the singer and co songwriter for Shed Seven, spoke on The God Cast. 

The podcast was created by Father Alex, the Church of England Vicar of St Matthew The Apostle with Holy Trinity Habergham Eaves in Burnley.

From panto legend Billy Pearce and This Morning's Eamonn Holmes to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman Alastair Campbell, he reaches out to public figures to spark a discussion on matters of faith and other fascinating topics. 

And surprisingly for Rick it isn't the first time that he's been interviewed by a person of God. The rockstar joked as he revealed that he has spent many a time chatting with Rev Matt Woodcock of York, who used to write for The Press.

When asked if he was a spiritual person, Rick said: "I guess I am a bit spiritual. To be honest I'm just one for living life in the moment and trying to enjoy it as much as I can and I'm just me.

"I guess the older you get the more you start thinking of life and why we're all here, I have my moments for that and that's always quite good to put into lyrics as well. I'm sure subconsciously that's gone into a lot of our songs.

"But I'm not one for going to church so to speak. I suppose the only time I'd do that is when my daughter's, you know harvest festivals and Christmas do's at the church. You know, I like the imagery of it.

"Obviously York with the massive Minster, it's such an impressive thing to look at and to go inside it is always massively awe inspiring. It gets me every time that."

The singer reflected on how music can help us through days of difficult emotions and how he is much more varied with his music taste now.

He recalled how his first single - a Showaddywaddy hit - was gifted to him aged 9 by his father. By the time he reached his teenage years he mainly listened to indie but now dabbles in other genres like soul.

Rick said: "I do think music is for moods. Weirdly I am a big Smiths fan if I am feeling a little bit down I put the Smiths on which makes me feel even more down but it weirdly makes me feel better. It's a funny old thing."

He added: "Music is so important for that because you can get lost in it."

You can listen to The God Cast via Youtube or watch below.