MORE than 700 people attended the Selby Jobs Fair last week.

Organisers said this year’s attendees were more enthusiastic and better at presenting themselves, with some of the companies receiving as many as 40 CVs throughout the day.

Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Ainsty who set up the first jobs fair four years ago, said plans had already begun for next year’s event, and figures were likely to be lower due to the recent fall in unemployment.

Mr Adams said: “I spent the day at the event and talked to employers, job seekers and training providers. It was noticeable that this year the mood was positive about the job prospects.

“The number attending was less than last year but so it should be, and this year we saw people who were looking for better jobs and working to improve their finance. I would like to thank everybody who attended.”

Meanwhile, fewer workers fear losing their jobs amid falling unemployment, according to new research.

Fewer than one in five people were afraid of being laid off in the coming months, compared to almost a third earlier this year, a study by employment website Glassdoor found.

Unemployed people are also “significantly” more confident of finding a job matched to their experience.

Jon Ingham of Glassdoor said: “At companies across the UK we are seeing a reduced level of belt tightening, with employees reporting less restructuring, fewer redundancies and a drop in hiring freezes.

“While we have not yet seen advances across all job market confidence factors, it does suggest that job search activity may begin to heat up.”

The study of more than 2,000 adults also showed that more than a third expect to receive a pay rise in the next year, although there was a huge difference between men and women. More than two out of five men believed their pay will increase, compared with one in four women.

A third of those questioned predicted that their company’s business outlook will improve in the next six months. The report was published ahead of the latest unemployment figures, which are expected to show another fall in the jobless total.