First World War Centenary

York Press: First World War centenary

Share your stories and pictures...

Throughout this year, we are hoping to hear from local families within our circulation area in York and North and East Yorkshire who have stories about relatives – fathers or grandfathers, uncles or great uncles – who fought in the First World War.

We would like to carry as many stories as we can, so as to bring alive the memories of the great sacrifices made by our young men of a century ago.

We also want to hear stories about life on the Home Front: about the women and mothers – maybe your mother or grandmother – who suffered at home while their menfolk were away, and who brought up children, fed families, and tried to maintain some semblance of ordinary life.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, or photographs of relatives who fought or died in the Great War, phone Stephen Lewis on 01904 567263 or email