HAVING just found out that the annual Illuminating York festival is now a “pay per view” event, I have to voice how sorely disappointed I am.

This is usually one of the highlights of darker evenings, allowing people to enjoy the wonders of York by night and giving a fantastic opportunity to practise low light photography.

However, the decision to make it a ticket affair this year has, I fear, ruined the spirit of the event. Not only do you have to pay to see the shows in both the Museum Gardens and the Minster, you have to specify a date and time for the main event.

Illuminating York takes place in late autumn, when the weather can be inclement. In the past, if one night was wet and stormy, you could decide to go the following night and the fact that it was free meant that everyone could enjoy the excitement at length.

I would have been happy to make a donation to help with running costs, but sadly it would appear that this wonderful event has been turned into yet another money-making scheme at the expense of the local residents.

Sue Turpin, Whitethorn Close, Huntington, York.