ON behalf of all the wildlife orphans in our rescue, I would like to say a huge thank you to The Press and all the kindhearted readers, who dropped food off to help our patients.

This is a small, home-based rescue which cares for hundreds of very young creatures each year, so

donations are very much needed and appreciated.

This spring and summer has proved to be our busiest yet as the prolonged heatwave is seriously affecting many young animals and birds. Calls are coming in daily about house martin nests falling to the ground as the mud which binds their nests to walls is baked dry and crumbles.

Baby blackbirds, owls and hedgehogs have arrived in a dreadful state, totally

dehydrated and starving along with many other

emaciated little creatures.

So thank you for your

kindness and for helping us to help these vulnerable young orphans. It means such a lot to us.

If you would like to find out more about our work, please visit our website,

www.wildlifeorphans.co.uk, which offers more advice and useful phone numbers.

Annette Pyrah

The Wildlife Orphanage,

Low Mill, York Road, Barlby