Firstly, honesty being the least fashionable but best policy: in my humble opinion our imminent exit from the EU is nothing more than an act of national, stupendous idiocy.

A popular analogy, used constantly and rather tediously, has been to compare our exit to a resignation from a golf glub. “I am no longer a member, I have paid my bar bill, so that’s the end of my financial commitments.”

As I understand today’s news, we are likely to end

up negotiating (or perhaps more accurately, being given) arrangements not unlike those currently enjoyed by Norway and Switzerland, ie access to, but without voting rights on, the benefits of membership.

I wonder if those fans of the Royal and Ancient analogy might now agree with me, and accept that we have indeed resigned our membership of the golf club and decided instead to play exactly the same amount of golf, at exactly the same cost, but without the inconvenience, or advantages, of attending the annual general meeting.

Richard Bowen,

Farrar Street, York

Here’s what power and money can buy

What surprising bedfellows the Remainers have brought together: a multi-millionaire multi-mansioned former socialist prime minister and a billionaire.

Together with the House of Lords they are going to teach the peasants of this green and pleasant land exactly what true democracy is, where real power resides and exactly what power money can buy.

So far the Leavers

(winners of the vote,

remember?) have been told we were lied to, we didn’t know what we were voting for and were being weak and hubristic.

Know what? I can’t remember anyone objecting to the wording of the form. It was a simple and straightforward in or out.

No mention of hokey-cokey and no mention of majorities, either numbers or percentages.

Geoffrey Searstone,

Moor Lane, York

Another Brexit own goal from Christian

Christian Vassie has once again scored an own goal with his letter regarding Brexit (The Press, June 22). Yes, the European Arrest Warrant helps to protect us from criminals. But all criminals, as Christian Vassie seems to be implying?

At one time being an island protected us from invasion by our enemies and protected us from diseases.

How the large number of illegal immigrants who stow away on the back of lorries manage to get through our ports with today’s technology of heat detecting and infra equipment staggers me. It proves we do not have control of our borders or immigration.

W Harrison,

St Oswald’s Road, York