YORK celebrates Armed Forces Day each year in Parliament Street.

City of York Council says the city comes together to show support for the armed forces, serving personnel, families and veterans.

York has been the home of the armed forces since AD 71.

Then how come the camp at Strensall and the barracks at Fulford are closing down?

P Lawrence,

Beckfield Lane, York

Minimum age to join Army should be 18

YOUR report on Armed Forces Day (The Press, July 3) included a photo of an eight-year-old child, supervised by a soldier, posed as if ready to fire a machine gun.

I have great respect for the armed forces. But I’m struck by the contrast between this scene and the work of Veterans for Peace (VFP), whom I’ve met as a member of York Against the War.

VFP members are all forces veterans, who believe war is not the solution to 21st century problems.

They and we are concerned that current recruitment activities don’t give a full, balanced account of what being in the military involves.

This is crucial in Britain, where children of 16 can enlist.

VFP want to see the minimum age raised to the European norm of 18.

Meanwhile, it is important that schoolchildren, susceptible to the lure of military life, get a realistic account of it.

While the army always has access to schools, Veterans for Peace are only rarely allowed in to supplement the official story.

Britain must raise the minimum age for enlistment to 18. Until then, it is vital that these veterans, with their personal stories, should also be allowed to enter schools.

John Heawood,

York Against the War,

Eastward Avenue,

Fulford, York