IT amazes me that back in 2001 when standing for election, I highlighted the dangers of slowing traffic down in the York area.

At this time councillors were going over the top to get traffic calming measures such as speed humps installed as if every street were at risk.

On one journey from Bootham to Tadcaster Road we counted 95 speed humps.

Excessive to say the least and too many roads, which need traffic to filter through quickly, had traffic standing still for longer periods.

I also pointed out that closing streets in the Haxby Road area - which allowed drivers to avoid having to drive and then turn round at the ‘hospital’ roundabout to get to Clifton or Wigginton - would result in cars queueing at rush hour and increase the level of exhaust fumes.

I spoke about particle matter in the air which was being inhaled and putting our children at risk and that the chance of them being knocked down was far less than them getting some breathing ailment.

Imagine my surprise 17 years later to see the same councillors who had put in these traffic calming measures, now saying that something should be done about poor air quality and advising people to turn off their engines when in long queues.

If these measures had not been put in in the first place this would not be an issue.

We need measures to speed up the traffic flow, to open the roads back up and to remove speed humps from everywhere but schools and colleges.

Eddie Vee,

Chancellor Grove, York