Allow me to proffer views concerning Yorkshire County Cricket Club, having spent four days at Scarborough watching them soundly beaten by Surrey.

Many loyal dedicated members, whose knowledge of the game regularly outweighs that of those in charge, reckon “trouble at mill looms”.

The top order batting is inconsistent, the team lacks a recognised first XI spinner, fielding is too often below standard. On the positive side, Patterson and Bresnan are professionally consistent, at the same time encouraging an excellent trio of youngsters in Coad, Brook and Tattersall. They with others are the future.

Other negatives include a senior management which appears divorced from affairs, and in-house coaching appointments being exposed for what they were - “jobs for the boys”.

The excuse that Yorkshire have players constantly on England duty is beginning to wear thin. Those at Headingley have been aware of their ‘non availability’ for years. In fact, Yorkshire hold their registration, the ECB their contracts.

On a lighter note, all county cricket teams warm up prior to start of play by engaging in football.

Over four days Yorkshire were by far the better of Surrey. Shame the same did not apply to the cricket.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park, Selby