WELL done to L Kemp (Letters, June 29) for not having to have seen a doctor for at least two years.

However, that being so, his idea that he should be given priority booking should he find it necessary to see one is absolutely laughable.

Does he seriously think that the receptionist, with all of her experience and dedication to duty, is likely to single him out and segregate him? Appointments are quite rightly given to anyone who needs them on an emergency/routine basis, whether they have been seen yesterday, last week or last year.

Elizabeth M Harris


Bishopthorpe, York

Everyone has to wait their turn at doctors’

I HAVE to ask L Kemp (“Solution to problem over appointments”, Letters, June 29): do you live in the real world or on your own little planet out there somewhere?

Getting an appointment to see your GP within two or three weeks is an achievement in itself, without those like yourself who have luckily rarely needed to see a doctor demanding priority treatment.

Try telling the person who unfortunately lives with a terminal illness that you are more important to your doctor than them just because you don’t cost the NHS anything. Ask your doctor’s receptionist to give you priority and I’m sure you will politely be told to wait your turn like the rest of us do.

David Armitage,

Appleshaw Close,