I AM writing to you in regards to a recent Press comment column calling for York to receive fair funding.

I too wholly agree that it is time our city received its fair share of funding for public services. That is why the Liberal Democrats have launched our ‘Fair deal for York’ campaign, calling on the Government to correct this inequality. Residents can support this campaign via www.yorklibdems.org.uk/fairdeal

When it comes to funding, York is the second worst funded area in the country for funding per resident. The current system is out-of-date, complex and simply does not match funding with an area’s needs, creating a postcode lottery.

If funding were to be redistributed on need, York could receive an extra £61 per resident, equating to an additional £13 million per year to the city.

Conservative Government cuts have severely impacted our public services and this year is the very first where the council has received no Revenue Support Grant from the Government, whereas in 2007/8, we received £58,645,000.

In turn, our schools remain the worst funded in the country, and investment in regional transport significantly lacks behind London, the South East and even the North West.

The residents of York deserve much better and it is time York received a fair deal.

Cllr Ann Reid,

Deputy Leader of York Liberal Democrats,

Grassholme, York