THERE is a lot of Remainer-inspired froth being generated over how many times a prominent Leave supporter and funder met Russian diplomats over business talks.

Has anyone thought of investigating how much government (taxpayers’) money and resources were spent on the losing Remain campaign? This obvious bias could have been a factor in ordinary people voting against the metropolitan elite, treating public money as part of their fiefdom.

Geoff Robb,

Dunnington, York

EU can’t threaten our MPs with a big stick

LETTER writer Mr K Isaac (The Press, June 4) obviously has detailed knowledge of the workings of fire precautions etc, but I must point out that the UK did not join the EU until 1973.

However, putting that aside, I do not believe that the House of Commons enacts legislation under threat.

The MPs are very proud and protective of their legislative powers and the idea that the EU could or would threaten them with a ‘big stick’ is just completely wrong.

K Powdrell, York