I SEE that on social media ‘Millennials’ have been supplanted by ‘Unicorns’.

In Scotland the unicorn has been the national beast since the 12th century while England has the lion so the union of the crowns caused a heraldic problem.

This was solved by including both beasts in the new royal coat of arms but with the unicorn in chains (it was a dangerous animal).

As a child I learned the nursery rhyme “The lion fought the unicorn for the British crown; The lion beat the unicorn and drummed him out of town.”

The early SNP when Salmond and Sturgeon were tiddlers made a great fuss over this insult but nobody else was bothered.

Will they jump on this bandwagon now?

A V Martin, Westfield Close, Wigginton, York

Why not volunteer with York Mind?

NOW that National Volunteers Week (June 1 to 7) has passed, Mind want to thank all of our 2,100 hardworking volunteers who have given their time in charity shops this year and tell them how much of a difference they make.

I want to particularly say a huge thank you to all the volunteers in the York shop, without whom we wouldn’t be able to keep going.

We are always in need of passionate volunteers willing to clean items, sort them, create brilliant displays and assist our customers.

Only with their support are we able to raise vital funds for Mind to continue its services including the Mind Infoline, information and advice services and the campaigning we do.

That’s why I’m also calling on readers to support Mind’s York shop by volunteering even a couple of hours twice a week. Volunteering can feel great, while also giving back to the community.

A recent survey by Mind found that 89 per cent of Mind’s charity shop volunteers say that volunteering has built up their confidence.

Volunteering at the Mind shop in York can also

provide you with the chance to develop new skills or build work experience, and can even support you in obtaining an NVQ.

I urge readers to pop in and find out more about how they can support us to help secure a better life for the one in four people who experience a mental health problem every year.

Caroline Byers,

The Mind Shop,

Goodramgate, York

York should take a lead from Hambleton

Perhaps Hambleton Council (“‘Place waste in right box’ warning”, The Press, June 11) could give City of York Council a talking to re continuing to chuck all our carefully sorted recycling into a one orificed-vehicle.

This has been going on for months now despite objections from the York Central MP, Fishergate

councillors and residents.

Dot Nicholson,

Fishergate, York

Thank you to those who came to my aid

MAY I through your paper say how grateful I am to the gentleman and two ladies who came to my aid when I fainted on Tuesday, May 29 at a bus stop in Haxby.

They, the two ambulance men and the staff in the A&E department at York Hospital were so kind and caring.

I am quite recovered now, many thanks to you.

Name and address supplied