Speaking as a centrist, in my earnest view we should indeed work side by side with our partners in Europe, but not at the cost or erosion of national integrity.

This is why I am currently and mostly on board with the PM’s plan as an orderly, stable, and future-proof relationship should, must and is being sought with the EU.

I hope, as well, our elected officials seek global ambitions and plans to implement a future Commonwealth market with the former countries of the empire and our oversea territories.

As for the House of Lords, I am in favour of its past-time traditions, but also believe it must be reformed to an electable house with proportional representation, rather than abolished as some hardened Brexiteers and Remainers like to chant. Last, but not least, I believe it to be vital that our overseas territories deserve the honour and privilege of having representation in the Commons to contribute to the discussion and for future issues.

Edward Hughes, Chapelfields Road, York

Many thanks to two good samaritans

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to two gentlemen who came to my mother’s rescue on Wednesday, May 30 in Finkle Street, Malton,when she had a fall. They were very kind and helpful and stayed with us until she was fit enough to get into the car. Thanks guys, you were a great help.

Chris Wood, Driffield