Tap, tap, tap... buying over the internet might perhaps save a few quid, but at what ultimate cost to York’s high street?

Do we really want eBay, Google or Amazon to destroy our high streets?

Slowly our York environment is being strangled by this new but unregulated form of shopping which has and is causing our established retail outlets to close forever. This might at first seem a cheap internet bargain, but where is that expertise which only the knowledgeable shop professional can give when your recently acquired product needs fixing or goes badly wrong?

And what of York’s future, when it finally descends into street after street of bland nondescript frontage?

Tourism must slowly also be driven out of York because without our shopping originality, one city smears into another with no unique quality any more.

I personally like York as it is. But this is our future if we do nothing to prevent this decline.

Phil Shepherdson,

Chantry Close, York