I NOTE that the Labour ward councillor for Acomb has been bemoaning the lack of open space in Acomb, blaming it all on the current administration.

But hang on, who were the previous ward councillors for Acomb going back years? All Labour. What party formed the previous council administration? Labour.

It was during the reign of Labour councillors in Acomb that the old Manor School site was sold off to create access to the proposed British Sugar site development.

What a waste of perfectly good buildings that could have been used for the community. It was while the Labour party held both ward councillor seats that houses were built on the Beckfield Lane recycling waste site, houses were built on part of the Carr allotments and at the Viking Road shops - all of these examples could have been left for open spaces.

Acomb ward does need open space I totally agree. That is why this administration is committed to open spaces and providing a new play park for our residents on the old Manor School playing fields.

As both a lifetime resident of Acomb and its first Conservative councillor for many years, I have worked hard to maintain Acomb’s green spaces, and I voted for the Local Plan as the best chance for all of York to regulate its development.

Cllr Keith Myers (Conservative),

Acomb Ward, York