IT was interesting to see the city’s corporate director for economy and place state that the Spark:York developers had submitted an invalid planning application (“Lease call on cladding row”, The Press, June 5).

However, unless this is a new application, planning permission was granted, in which case the city council is at fault for failing to undertake the necessary validation checks.

I know, from personal experience, that invalid notices can be issued on the grounds of some fairly minor omissions, so would be surprised if something as significant as external appearance could be overlooked.

Details of type and colour of materials etc are a specific requirement on the application form and should also be indicated on the accompanying drawings.

If the application was invalid because the cladding materials were not specified, then it should never have been considered.

However, we are told that the drawings show timber cladding, therefore the painted murals are a straightforward contravention of planning permission surely?

Richard Carr,

Station Road,

Upper Poppleton,York