I WOULD just like to thank Richard Khaferty’s urology team for the great care given while I was in hospital.

From the staff in the theatre to the staff in the high dependency unit (HDU) all were very good and very friendly - right from the moment of coming in and a non-medical person taking me to the wards. Very quick service, and another problem sorted thanks to the care of the NHS.

Wojciech Simpson,

New Earswick, York

Show respect for ocean creatures

EVERY year, countless ‘non-target’ animals, including dolphins, birds, turtles, and sharks, are hauled up alongside fish in commercial fishing nets.

They’re crushed to death, suffocated, or thrown overboard to succumb to their injuries in the water. Altogether, more than one trillion fish and other sea animals die at the hands of humans each year. That’s about 143 sea animals for every human on Earth.

And the ecological impact goes well beyond this so-called ‘by-catch’. As giant fishing nets are dragged along the ocean floor, they tear up whatever stands in their way. Deep-sea trawling is responsible for widespread damage to coral reefs and underwater mountains, and as a result, the ecosystems that depend on these habitats are crumbling.

This reckless destruction of the ocean is cruel and unsustainable. The good news is that delicious cruelty-free options – including vegan fish fingers, faux-fish cakes and mock prawns – are affordable and easy to find. So let’s help our oceans and show respect for their inhabitants by leaving fish and other animals off our plates.

Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London