THE British people voted by a handsome majority of one million to leave the United States of Europe, yet two years on the regiment of remoaners trudges remorsefully on.

What great vision of Europe do they offer to persuade 17 million voters to change their mind? Where is their grand plan for the future?

Well, we would be allowed to go on subsidising the financial basket cases of Europe and in more areas the minimum wage will become the maximum wage for many.

Sometime in the next few years we can then heavily subsidise Turkey, Ukraine, Macedonia and Albania when they join the European masterplan.

Think of a number between 25 and 50 billion euros over 10 years. Small change when you’re spending other people’s money.

And please don’t tell me it won’t happen because they won’t meet financial and judicial requirements. Greece didn’t but were shoe-horned in to sate the egotistical bureaucrats in Brussels.

It’s a bit like asking Oliver Twist to sign up for life in return for more pain and gruel.

Thanks, but no thanks.

G Searstone,

Moor Lane,


Churchill’s European vision back in 1949

PLEASE could Philip Roe (Letters, June 5) enumerate the countries “queuing up to do business” with Europeless Britain?

And Churchill did use the phrase “European Union” (at a European Movement rally on November 28, 1949).

Robert Stevens,

Bootham Crescent,