Please will someone advise me how to get action from the City of York Council?

Early this year Redrow the builders placed notices on lampposts in Clifton, advertising an open day for their new houses in Water Lane, to take place in January. The notices were still there in February, so I rang the council to ask for them to be removed. One notice was near a roundabout and a potential distraction to drivers.

I was told that my request had been noted but no action was taken. I visited West Offices in person, to be told that I needed the Traffic Department, and was asked to wait. Having waited for 35 mins, in a queue of one, I was told at noon that staff would be going for lunch, so left in disgust.

I have since ‘phoned several times, to be told that nothing could be done without a job number. When I asked for one, I was told at first that wasn’t possible. When I insisted, I was told that I would have to wait while one was generated. I received an answerphone message giving a number to call, but when I called got a recorded message that calls could not be answered, or messages left, on that number. I then rang a different number and gave my job number, only to be told that it was incorrect. Eventually, the notice near the roundabout was removed, but the others remain.

Pam Young (Mrs),

Clifton, York