Hypocrisy of fracking firm’s school links

In a preliminary report, the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (instrumental in the adoption of the Charter on Industrial Hazards and Human Rights after Bhopal) finds that “fracking contribute(s) substantially to anthropogenic harm, including climate change and global warming, involv(ing) massive violations of...human rights and the rights of nature... (T)he industry has failed to fulfil its legal and moral obligations.”

This industry is most immediately represented locally by inter alia INEOS, currently in the process of promoting its Daily Mile initiative with primary headteachers.

No matter how worthy the activity, and worthy it is, to learn of its promotion by INEOS, who proclaim themselves as passionately believing in the importance of getting children active and healthy from a young age, is sickening in its hypocrisy. This company is equally, perhaps even more passionately pursuing its fracking agenda to feed its plastics concerns, ignoring the increasingly well documented indications of the detrimental effects of fracking on the health of children and others living close to fracking wells. Run, children, run, it’s good for you, but not under the INEOS banner.

David Cragg-James,

Rose Cottage, Stonegrave, York