I AGREE with Roger Backhouse (Letters, May 14) that the Chris Grayling announcement that all problems will be resolved by introducing digital train

control on the main TransPennine route from York to Manchester is PR gloss.

As a former railway passenger guard who included this among many of my routes, I was not alone in expressing concern about the state of track work

causing rough riding, delays and discomfort to both passengers and crew.

I followed procedure by reporting the same and it was suggested I find a new career.

This ultimately resulted in me being employed outside the railway industry.

Since the 2011 surprise “out of the blue” electrification announcement some token works have been carried out on this route but until it is completely re-aligned with regard to curvature, outdated infrastructure including remodelled track junctions, combined with the promised improved smoother riding passenger stock, it will remain as it has for many years: a poor representation of a main line connecting both sides of the Pennines.

Hardly representative of the much vaunted future Northern Powerhouse.

Lisa Dunster,

Appleton Roebuck, York