WILL City of York councillors explain to the council tax payers of York what makes the residents of Fountayne Street and Vyner Street in the vicinity of York Hospital so special? (“£200k to cut bus trips by 90 seconds”, The Press, May 15).

Why are they more entitled to peace and quiet than the rest of us?

If they want to be so different let the council make these streets unadopted and let the residents pay for the maintenance of their streets and keep such a luxury.

Our councillors should visit any locality where there is a primary school and see what havoc the school run creates twice a day: cars parked on double yellow lines, grass verges, blocking access to driveways and restricting the flow of traffic.

Such an example is the school in Hamilton Drive where twice a day all the streets nearby experience such hazards.

We would like to be treated as a special case and have peace and quiet like the aforementioned streets.

A P Cox,

Heath Close,

Holgate, York