TO view the protests by leading Brexiteers and sections of the media against the House of Lords is to watch hypocrites in overdrive.

In the interests of ensuring that history is not sidelined, let’s remember the most recent attempt to reform the House of Lords.

During the recent coalition government years the Lib Dem Nick Clegg brought forward legislation that proposed replacing the Lords with an 80 per cent elected chamber.

Who sabotaged that? Yes, you guessed: a group of Tory backbenchers led by Rees-Mogg, Bernard Jenkin, Nadine Dorris, Bill Cash, and David Davis.

The same bunch of Brexiteers, supported by the same newspapers, currently yelling ‘treachery’, ‘wreckers’ and ‘saboteurs’ at everyone who disagrees with them.

How strangely they express their patriotism. Among the British institutions these Brexit warriors phony foam against are: the Bank of England, the supreme court, the civil service, the BBC, and now the Houses of Parliament.

Personally, I’ve never supported the principle that because Lord Sandwich’s servant ‘invented’ a snack in 1660 his x10 great-grandson is qualified to pass judgement on fracking, healthcare or Brexit. But Rees-Mogg, Davis and chums blocked reform. Now they foam and brandish veiled threats. The hypocrites.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court,

Wheldrake, York