DURING the past two-and-a-half years the Tang Hall Local History Group have undertaken research on York and district men who did National Service between 1948 and 1963.

To date we have recorded over 100 men, 64 from York.

It is thought that there are still others who served but have not been recorded.

If this applies to the reader and you would like your National Service recorded please phone Ralph Peacock on 01904 421656 for details.

To quote from the National Service men we have spoken to: “We are all growing old and in a few years we will be just a memory”, and “Glad that someone is pulling this together, as it will soon be lost history”.

Ralph Peacock,

Tang Hall Local History Group,

Fifth Avenue,

Tang Hall, York

Some people take life too seriously

AT times some people take life a little too seriously, so let’s have a laugh.

During the 1939 to 1945, the air raid sirens were blasting out loudly.

Bert and his wife Betty were running to take cover in an air raid shelter when Betty suddenly stopped and said to Bert: “I will have to go back, I have forgotten my false teeth.”

Bert replied: “Don’t worry lass. It’s bombs they are dropping, not pork pies.”

Ken Holmes,

Cliffe Common, Selby

Show of arrogance from political class

I AM not sure that had I known that our police make 539 million enquiries annually re European criminals I would have voted to stay in the EU (“What pubic need to know about crime”, Letters, May 10).

I would probably have felt that the large sum spent by the Home Office would have been better employed on domestic problems.

Instead of the mountain labouring to bring forth the mouse of 10,000 extraditions the effort might have been better expended on decent treatment of our own people from the Empire Windrush.

This imputation by a somewhat arrogant section of the political class that Brexit voters are ignorant and ill-informed is really rather offensive if not


A V Martin,

Westfield Close,