A RECENT letter from Terry Smith told us the Tories are making Britain ‘great’.

I agree: I offer some examples.

The NHS: this has probably never been in a more parlous state since its initiation, starved of cash (we’ll do anything but put up contributions) and medically understaffed.

The roads: in the worst state since the war. I recall in the late 1940s cycling to work - there were not the potholes to fall into that we have nowadays.

Public transport: Tory privatisation has given us a culture of profit before service. Overcrowding on many trains is outrageous.

Windrush: the great public shame.

So there you have it - four of the Tories’ ‘greats’.

Take off those rose-tinted spectacles, Terry, and see it as it is.

G Brian Ledger,

Horseman Close,

Copmanthorpe, York