Dean Bradley’s black and white photo on the letters page of Wednesday’s Press shows cyclist Emils Liepins with a very familiar (to some of us) expression of pain and exhaustion.

Is the chap a fan of York City Football Club?

Tony Eves,

Margaret Philipson Court, York

Welcome to world of Scarborough fans

MAY I suggest to your correspondent Peter Stokell (Letters, May 3) that if he wishes to rid himself of York City’s historic failures and multiple relegations he travel to Scarborough to be part of a new adventure.

The York City he used to know would be the team which habitually finished last in division four and, like Hartlepool and Darlington et al, relied upon the old boys’ network to stay in the league - thus repressing for decades the teams that can only now realise their long-bottled-up potential.

It is no surprise to non-league fans how difficult it is to return to division four (or its equivalent) - nor was it that Scarborough became the first to profit from the first-ever right to promotion.

Welcome to our world.

J Starkey,

Wigginton, York

There’s a great deal of sport to celebrate

YORK City Football Club may have finished their latest season at their lowest ever level, although it is positive to see that the club has retained a reasonable level of attendance at Bootham Crescent.

However, if we look at other senior clubs, the North Yorkshire region seems to be setting the pace.

Harrogate Town have finished their 104th year with their highest ever league placing and, 11 years after forming, Scarborough Athletic have also had their highest ever league placing and have achieved their third promotion.

Both these football clubs have now announced significant development to increase capacity and other facilities at their respective grounds.

Turning to rugby union we find that York have finished first in the top Yorkshire division and have thus gained promotion.

As for York City Knights Rugby League Club: what a start.

They are currently top of League One and apparently their recent 144-0 win was a world record.

Sports-wise we have a great deal to celebrate.

Dale R Edwards,

Newborough Street, Bootham, York