I WAS at the meeting to decide on the future of the Tramways club (“Vote leaves future of club up in air”, The Press, May 1).

I was one of the 70 per cent who voted to close the club and sell it for cash.

This would mean simply that the club would be sold to a developer and after legal fees, and redundancy money being paid to staff, the remainder would be distributed to the members.

The last thing I wanted for was the club, or any club, to close.

It would be the end of a cheap night out - snooker at a reasonable price, pint of beer for £2.20 and sometimes good entertainment.

I just hope that the people who voted for the club to continue trading in some other guise realise the pitfalls that may occur.

Under CIU rules it is required that 75 per cent of members vote for closure, whereas at this meeting they only got 70 per cent.

What astonished me was the naiveness of some of the 30 per cent who voted for a ‘sell and lease’ option - sell to a developer, who would knock the club down and build a smaller club below and a hotel above.

I don’t think there is a council in the country who would pass planning permission for a WMC below a hotel.

We are in muddy waters all because some people cannot grasp the reality of a situation.

W Harrison,

St Oswalds Road, York