I READ the item about Cllr Neil Barnes’ call for cinemas in York to offer captioned performances with interest (Cinemas should consider needs of York deaf people, The Press, May 5).

I am a deaf person with a cochlear implant so need subtitles at all times. However, to suggest that cinemas put on certain times for people such as myself to visit is surely financially problematic.

For starters would we all want to see the film showing? I doubt it. Therefore there would be an insufficient number of “bottoms on seats” to make this viable.

To put subtitles on a film showing when the good of hearing wish to visit the cinema would reduce their number substantially.

Most of us are quite happy to wait until a film we want to watch is available on TV.

Sorry. Save your money for more urgent needs in the city.

Eunice Birch,

Coombs Close,

Sutton-on-the-Forest, York