I AM a member of a community speed watch group which works in one of the villages near York.

On Saturday some of the team were checking speeds of vehicles travelling through the village on a bank holiday which was busy with motorists and pedestrians.

Sadly numerous drivers were exceeding the 30mph speed limit and will receive notices in the near future.

Much worse than this was the abuse directed at the team by drivers. One driver not exceeding the limit, aged about 70 years, thought it was acceptable to wave two fingers at the team and show his aggression with a distorted face.

Another driver, again not speeding, thought he would let his feelings be known by shouting at the team.

No doubt when these drivers’ children or grandchildren are hit by a speeding motorist they will be the ones shouting the loudest about justice.

The community speed watch teams around the UK are trying to make the roads safer for their families, and everyone else.

Why is it the ignorant cannot see this?

Name and address supplied