J.C. Potter blames everything under the sun on the EU without apparently considering whether the EU has anything to do with the issues raised (Letters, March 31).

If Brexit happens Leave voters will learn the hard way. Foreigners receive free healthcare in the UK because the NHS has no mechanism for requiring foreigners to pay, unlike every other nation in Europe. Ditto social services and council housing. People cannot simply turn up in France or Germany, for example, and demand unemployment benefit or healthcare services.

Because the EU is not the source of the problem, leaving it cannot provide a solution. That is no doubt why Theresa May refuses to pretend that there will be any Brexit dividend. We will simply be poorer and still have all our decades old problems to solve.

As for protestations of democracy; witnessing the desperation with which Brexiteers try to prevent the Houses of Parliament from having the final democratic say on whether to accept whatever half-baked agreement Davies negotiates speaks for itself. Brexit is only the ugly age-old hatred of foreigners in new clothes and will fade away as those angry and unhappy members of the older generation pass on.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court, Wheldrake, York