I HAVE often wondered why no one appears to have come up with the idea of a Government-run NHS lottery.

Just imagine: NO shareholders to take out large cuts.

ALL profits ploughed back into our NHS.

What a truly great NHS we would have.

Perhaps an excellent subject for Rachael Maskell to raise at Prime Minister’s Question Time one Wednesday would be the request for an all-Party debate on a Government-run NHS Lottery?

I will listen eagerly, with both ears pinned back.

Mary Morton, Hob Moor Drive, Holgate, York

We deserve better with health service

IT is well known that our population is increasing by over 200,000 as a result of net immigration and people living longer.

The NHS is obviously under strain. Why is the Government not building enough new hospitals in order to provide medical care for this increase? It is not as though this has suddenly happened.

We deserve better, and few can afford the private medical insurance that our decision makers benefit from.

Hopefully, the pressure from the opposition and self preservation for their own political necks will stir them to the needed urgent action.

Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington, York

Hospital parking fees are a tax on the sick

I WOULD like to take Press reader Chris Mangham (Hospital must charge for parking, Letters, January 11) to task, and beg to differ.

It is simply a tax on the sick if you charge for hospital car parking.

With the help of cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support I have been campaigning against hospital car parking charges, and have written to Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May.

In Scotland, Wales and I think Ireland it has been abolished except for a handful of hospitals.

If we must punish anybody, it should be the people who only use the hospital car park as a base to get to work.

I think a fine of £100 would be suitable for these offenders.

Andrew Fair, Woodland Way, Huntington, York