Roadside rubbish is totally out of control WITH my golf course closed recently due to flooding, I thought a walk to Tadcaster would help to shed some of the Christmas excesses.

I often travel along the A64 with my job by car and have noticed the amount of roadside rubbish that can only accumulate by being thrown from vehicles, so I took a couple of large bags to clear a bit of it up while walking.

I soon realised one would need a pickup lorry to make any impression at all as my bags were full in 20 minutes.

This made me think why on earth do the Courts of Justice when giving out Community Payback sentences not have a gang of these miscreants walking behind a pickup truck picking up rubbish as there is a good chance they are also the very type of individuals that create the mess in the first place. Plus they would be getting a bit of exercise.

Bob Waite, Holgate, York