Hidden charges ban straight from the EU GOOD news for us all as new laws came in over the weekend to ban retailers, airlines and other businesses from imposing hidden charges on us when we use our credit or debit cards.

These hidden charges are thought to cost us well over £150 million a year as businesses sneakily add surcharges of up to 20 per cent to customers’ bills. No longer, because these charges are now banned.

Theresa May has been quick to claim the credit but this ban on profiteering by businesses, like the ban on roaming charges for mobile phone users that came in last summer, comes not from the British government but from the EU. It is another great example of how the nations of the EU, including the UK of course, cooperate in the European Parliament in order to protect consumers.

I wonder why the Conservative Government is so reluctant to admit how this new legislation has come about?

Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York