WELL done City of York Council for ditching the Grinch with regards to the Christmas Festive decorations in York.

At last York is on a par with Leeds if not better when it comes to making the town centre look beautiful over the festive period. Ouse Bridge looks splendid with the lights draping right across, Lendal and Skeldergate bridges could look equally lovely with the same treatment.

Parliament Street looks fantastic and the backdrop of Browns lights enhances the scene. More department stores and shops really need to make more effort if only to attract more footfall.

The Principal Hotel next to the Rail Station looked exceptional and was a pleasant greeting to travellers leaving the station. Coppergate Arcade looks brilliant, also St Helens Square becoming a top notch area with the addition of Ivy Restaurant.

On the outskirts, Acomb shops and Front Street have become a feast to the eyes as the Bishopthorpe Road shopping area also has over recent years. I grew up off Bishopthorpe Road and it has never looked better. I did have to enquire though why the lovely little bar on the main street is called the ‘Angel on the Green’ as its a good way from Scarcroft Green -evidently someone decided to call the grass verge opposite the Swan pub a Green. That is a slight stretch of the imagination.

Bob Waite, Holgate, York