AS A non-driver, I have used the railways throughout my life when travelling. Sadly, however, it is a fact that nowadays the overcrowded trains are often dirty, as are their amenities.

This needs to be considered by those wanting to re-design York Railway Station. Many women travellers congregate to the ladies loos on the station before, and after, their train journeys. The designer who wants to convert these into a First Class Passenger Lounge should think again.

An alternative site could be to have a conservatory-style extension built out from the existing ticket hall on to the concourse. Or the site of the former miniature model railway could be used.

It is, after all, the daily commuters and regular passengers who keep the trains running, as do the myriads of seasonal visitors and tourists to York. All need ‘amenities’.

Patricia Palaeologina, Windsor Garth, Acomb, York