I NOTE the suggestion by Steve Searle (Letters, January 10) that a parallel expressway to the A1237 is the only long term solution to traffic management. It would only work if it remained a wholly greenfield road, with no developments permitted along its length. Some chance!

The capacity of the A1237 was quickly undermined, when planning consent was given for adjacent, major retail, housing and business growth. That happened of course, before York inherited responsibility for the road from the Highways Agency, and before York’s administrative boundaries were extended to wholly encompass the road.

The problem with building new roads is that they eventually create a self-defeating process by inducing more journeys.This is generated by a mix of new development along new roads, and changes to travel patterns and frequency. Witness the repeated expansion of the M25 around London. Perhaps the time has come to stop trying to build our way out of congestion.

The planned A1237 roundabout upgrades will subliminally increase capacity, without unleashing suppressed demand. Associated modest spending on segregated crossings for non-motorised users, will reduce car dependency for more short, local journeys.

Paul Hepworth, Windmill Rise, Holgate, York