I FOUND it very sad to read in The Press (January 4) of the passing away of Honorary Alderman Marjorie Bwye. She was one of the stalwarts of the Conservative councillors when I was first elected to the council in 1979. She was a woman who had firm beliefs in what she was doing and a strong and able chair of the Leisure Committee, and also a very able Lord Mayor.

Marjorie was also a friend who one could easily learn from, and even to the end was one who kept up friendships with others of all parties.My personal remembrance of her was when she forgot my name during a tense debate and just sharply addressed me as “Watson” to which I replied “yes Bwye?”

Even to the time she was in hospital it was our personal greeting. Whenever we were together she would tell that tale to anyone who happened to be around, just to show how friendships were made.

She was always a lady right to the end and will be missed by all who knew her.

Honorary Alderman Brian Watson, Beckfield Lane, York