THOW tragic that an 81-year-old lady has died after dialling 999 and waiting four hours for an ambulance.

I have no doubt that the ambulance service are devastated and are doing their best in very trying circumstances.

The blame for this lady’s death lies firmly at the doors of Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt.

A sort message to both of them: don’t bother with insincere apologies and excuses. Stop sending taxpayers’ money overseas and put it into the NHS instead.

Charity begins at home.

PM Batey, Gladstone Street, Acomb, York

Why hospital must charge for parking

THERE has been a lot of talk about the cost of parking at hospitals, with some calling for free parking.

At York Hospital if there was free parking, many people would use it to park and go to their place of work in York.

There is help with parking charges if you are on certain benefits.

There is also some help for families with seriously ill relatives.

If after paying running costs of the car park money goes into the running of the hospital, that is okay.

Chris Mangham, Lindsay Avenue, Acomb