THE PM saying sorry (PM’s apology as NHS comes under pressure, January 5) is a waste of time and her breath.

Her words do not mean a thing to the 16,900 people nationwide that have had to wait in the back of an ambulance in the week between Christmas and New Year before being able to be admitted to A&E. Her apology doesn’t mean a thing to the 48 people who have sadly died of a flu virus - or to their families.

Mrs May seems very good at presenting a compassionate view but the fact is she had been warned this was going to happen and chose to ignore it.

The NHS is under financed and understaffed. The morale of staff is so low that staff are leaving the NHS in droves. No matter what the Tories say, they have never liked the National Health Service and are secretly privatising the best thing that was ever introduced to this country.

HF Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York