Where there’s a will there’s a way to go NOW that most politicians have publicly stated their acceptance of “the will of the people” as sacrosanct, can we hope that in 2018, decisions which have a direct and tangible effect on the lives of the people of York will be based on “the polled will of the majority”?

All York families have practical experience of disruptive developments - such as fracking -with no evident local benefit; of the arbitrary relocation of hospitals and care-homes; of the longstanding neglect of the problem of vehicular access to York station; of the official preference for roundabouts over road bridges; and of the lack of council housing.

On such schemes the polled “will of the people” would be informed and based on personal experience. Is this the reason why it is not considered to be worth having?

Maurice Vassie, Cartmans Cottage, Deighton