Concerns over 'garish' station plans

I HAVE been out of the country visiting for some time now, and have returned to see news of the changes to be made to our rail station at York.

My background is engineering, conservation and preservation.

While I applaud the efforts by all parties to attempt to bring about change to the station concourse and other areas, my gripe is the garish colour scheme incorporating the Virgin logo about the station concourse.

Particularly annoying is the fact that Virgin Trains, the Government-appointed operator, is mooted to be reneging on its commitment to running the franchise full term.

As a result Virgin is opting to pull out of the franchise early and for what reason?

It cannot be making enough money out of the travelling public.

It is the travelling public again that is going to pick up the tab for another failed franchise.

So why should a defaulter of this franchise be granted permission for changes that, while admittedly favouring the travelling public, will allow Virgin to utilise this opportunity for publicity?

I would like to see City of York Council being a lot stronger, and standing up for what is right and aesthetically pleasing rather than simply allowing a national treasure of a Grade Two listed building/structure to be turned into another shopping mall.

P A Tanner, Barons Crescent, Copmanthorpe, York

Improved access is needed at station

I HAVE glanced at all the grand schemes that are planned for the interior of York railway station.

How about a bit of thought and common sense employed in the practicalities of getting in and out of the station in a vehicle?

William Holland, Del Pyke, York