IT must have been very enlightening for those readers who have no knowledge of the Groves Chapel to see the photograph used in the letters column (The Press, April 14).

One doesn’t have to study it for long to realise what a ridiculous place it would be to put a supermarket.

It must be the worst location traffic-wise in the whole of York.

As for delivery services, it would be very difficult to access and once there it will take the very best of HGV drivers to exit it.

I really feel for the residents of Union Terrace, who will have to put up with this problem day in and day out.

Then of course there is the little matter of another cheap alcohol outlet being placed almost next door to a centre that is trying to help vulnerable people recover from drink problems.

This is just another example of the difficulties that we thought we had successfully overcome a couple of years ago.

The other was of course the extension of the cumulative impact zone, which has also been blown out of the water and highlighted in the same week by the Brewdog Brewery application.

I would like to wish both challengers the best of luck in their objections in their respective cases.

Brian Watson, Beckfield Lane, York