AS A Leicester man, I have been reading with interest the comments, the moaning and the wailing of people in York who demand that the remains of King Richard III should be interred in York Minster.

Men of York may not be aware of the well-documented fact that ten years after Richard’s death at the battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire, King Henry VII visited Richard’s grave in the grounds of Greyfriars Friary, which is in the centre of the City of Leicester, and ordered a memorial stone to be placed on the grave.

On the stone he ordered the words, “Here lies Richard III sometime king of England” to be inscribed. If it was so important that Richard should be buried in York, why wasn’t it done then?

Are the men of York prepared to cover the cost of his discovery which was covered through fund-raising and donations and not, as is popular belief, paid for by the taxpayer? I doubt it.

My daughter and her family live in Acomb and she has been there for 30 years. So it has been our pleasure to spend a lot of time in York and during that time I have never seen any evidence of interest in King Richard or the whereabouts of his remains.

Del Harris, Leicester.


• LET him fester in Leicester.

Peter Newton, Montague Street, York.